Move Out Notice

We’re always sad to say goodbye to our tenants, but we hope you’ve made plenty of great memories in your rental home and we wish you the best moving forward. End your tenancy on the right note by taking care of the following important matters:

Notice of Intent to Vacate

We ask all of our tenants to provide written notice of intent to vacate before moving out. Please refer to the terms of your lease for information about the length of your stay.  You can let us know by completing our tenant Move Out Notification form below.

Property Condition

Before you hand the keys back over to us, please bring your rental unit back to its original condition. This includes taking care of the following steps:

Rental Cleaning: Your property should be thoroughly cleaned before you leave. This includes removing all of your personal belongings, sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom spaces, and cleaning all walls/floors throughout the home.

Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If your unit has outdoor space, please take care to address all landscaping and maintenance chores once before you vacate the home.

Repairs: If any damage has occurred in your property, you need to make the necessary repairs. This may include fixing broken fixtures and replacing burnt light bulbs.

Security Deposit

The security deposit for your unit will be returned after you vacate. We will conduct a final inspection and if we find any damage, we will make arrangements for the repairs.

All expenses associated with these repairs will be deducted from the deposit. The remainder will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

Move Out Notification